Whether you're looking for end-to-end mobile services from strategy through deployment or augmentation of your existing mobile team, Intrepid has the capabilities to customize a solution to fit your needs.


Realize your mobile product.

When it's time to start building, Intrepid is the ideal development partner.

Agile Process

Intrepid teams are always dedicated, and generally consist of two to three mobile developers per platform, two designers, and project management and QA integrated throughout the process. Projects are broken into one to three week sprints, with each consisting of sprint planning, daily scrum, and sprint reviews of working software.

From two month MVPs (minimum viable products) to year-long programs, Intrepid thrives on helping our clients navigate from the moment they hit "New Project" to successfully launching in the app store.

Core Competencies

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Technology Integrations

Great technology creates standout products.

Whether you are integrating with existing systems of record, incorporating a new API, or enabling eCommerce, we have the experience you need to make an app that is not just beautiful, but functional.

Our backend team members are experts in mobile integrations. Intrepid is the premier connected device developer for BlueToothLE, Thread, and IoT technology. We also offer code reviews for existing applications and integrations.

Integration Services

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Create truly beautiful mobile experiences.

Intrepid's design team are some of the best in the industry. We'll let our designs speak for themselves.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are typically one to three-week engagements in which our design experts walk your stakeholders through a Google-created methodology in order to create a product that is both beautiful and functional. A design sprint is the first step towards creating a mobile app that your users will love.

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Mobile Strategy

Your partner for product evolution.

Every great product starts as a problem to be solved. At Intrepid, many of our engagements begin by defining that core problem and then articulating the solution with a bold and unique app concept.

Our proprietary Discovery and Design engagement was created for opportunities just like these.

Intrepid will take you from problem to prototype in 30 days, culminating in the app concept, user stories, app flow, wireframes, visual design and an estimate for development: everything you need to tell the why, what, and how of your app to gather buy-in from key stakeholders and make it a reality.

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