Our people are Intrepid. Our passionate team has dedicated themselves to the new world of mobile. We foster an environment filled with collaborative learning, constantly challenging each other for ways to get better while having fun along the way.



Aaron, an Australian import, plays for the Boston Demons, an Australian Rules Football club.

Favorite sport: Hockey

Favorite movie: Moonrise Kingdom

Cat lover: Dad to black cats Mowgli and Zara

Aaron Tenbuuren Designer
Abesari Woldeyesus Developer
Adam Cardoza QA Engineer
Ahmed Aly Developer

Aili’s dream gift is a swimming pool, which may be easy to make happen since she never specified what size….

Favorite snack: plum candy

Favorite book: Grimms' Fairy Tales

Dream trip: Mars

Aili Fang Staff Accountant
Alex Persian Developer

Xan’s family owns land in Germany, where the village gallows once stood.

Favorite movie: The Graduate

Favorite animal: Red Panda

First job: Writing tutor

Alexandra Klotz Designer
Amanda Santello Designer

Both of Drea's arms bend backwards. Significantly.

Local watering hole: Creek Oyster Bar

Favorite band: Avett Brothers

Favorite country to visit: Italy

Andrea Garvey Director of Talent

Contrary to popular belief, Andrew is sadly not heir to the Dolce & Gabbana fashion empire.

Favorite book: The Little Engine the Could

Favorite sport: Snow skiing

Favorite Film: Forrest Gump

Andrew Dolce Developer
Ankit Sharma Developer

The first time Ann-Marie flew on a plane she was six months old. The second time she flew on a plane she was 30.

Favorite movie:The Holiday

Dream trip:The Maldives

Favorite book:Night by Ellie Wiesel

Ann-Marie Tingley Recruiter

With an arm span of over 6 feet, our Dutch transplant Anton can give some pretty big hugs

Favorite sports team: AZ Alkmaar

Favorite movie: Sen to Chihio no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away)

Favorite hobby: Photography

Anton Spaans Developer
Ayal Spitz Developer

Ben doesn’t put effort into teaching his cats new tricks.

Toast order: Currently working through the menu

Favorite movie: City of God

Most played musician: In these last 3 months, according to it's Robyn

Ben Wu Developer

If you need a dance partner, Benn is the one to ask– he’s a swing & blues dancer.

Favorite movie: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Favorite animal: Liger

Favorite book: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


Benn Salter Director of Webservices
Bob Gilmore Developer

At one point, Brea played soccer for the Delhi state team.

Favorite snack: The many flavors of CHEEZ-ITS Favorite movie: Zootopia  

Favorite sports team: The Indian Women's Soccer Team

Favorite Book: The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman  

Brea Dutt Project Manager
Brian Fauble Developer

Brian was at game six of the 2008 NBA championship– you know, that one that the Celtics won, their first championship since 1986.

Favorite restaurant: Sweetgreen

Favorite sports team:Celtics

Favorite book:The whole Harry Potter series

Brian Sachetta Sales Associate

Bryan is another resident Phish fan and a recovering attorney

Hidden talent:Still hidden, even to me

Guilty pleasure:Twizzlers

Favorite restaurant:Myers and Chang

Bryan Weber Developer

Bryant has relatives who were on the Titanic and survived.

Favorite hobby: Ultimate frisbee, acrobatics and gymnastics

Favorite app: Pocket Mortys

Favorite concert: Aerosmith at Fenway

Bryant Wolf Developer

Cara’s hobby is the art of combining mango salsa and hint of lime tostitos chips. YUM.

Favorite season: Hands down, summer

Favorite restaurant: Cook & Brown, Providence RI

Dream trip: Hawaii

Favorite movie: Almost Famous

Cara Quigley Project Manager

Name an instrument and chances are Caroline can play it. Our resident multi-instrumentalist can play 14 instruments.

Favorite sports team: Go Pats!

Favorite movie: eXistenZ

Favorite hobby: Game writing/design

Caroline Murphy Director of Marketing
Casey Farrissey Office Assistant
Chad Hammer Project Manager

Chris is made of ~60% water. The other ~40% is mostly nachos.

Favorite hobby: All manner of sports or competitive activities

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Restaurant: Conrads in Norwood. Phenomenal Steak Tips.

Chris Danner Project Manager
Chris Lewis Designer
Chris Praktish Developer
Chris Shea Developer

‘Yes And’ is something Christian learned while studying improv comedy. Hold that thought, I’m going to go ask him for a favor real quick…

Favorite app: DuoLingo

Favorite sports team: Springfield Isotopes

Favorite video game: Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Christian Howland Developer

As one of the first thousand people on Pinterest, you could say Christine is a trendsetter.

Favorite bar: The Liberty

Favorite game: Banjo Kazooie N64

Favorite restaurant: The Beehive

Christine Pizzo Director of Design

Claire has a hidden talent for mini golfing, and catching confetti sticks – she snagged the one Matt & Kim threw into the air at Boston Calling

Dream trip: Australia

Favorite sports team: Real Madrid

Favorite hobby: Boxing

Claire Casaregola Designer

Colden was the Captain of Hamilton College’s rugby team.

Toast order: Breakfast burrito, no cilantro spread or salsa, steamed broccoli instead of home fries

Favorite hobby: Gaming

Favorite book: Ender's Game

Colden Prime Developer

Colin’s other job is being a Dorm Parent at a local high school.

Toast order: Drunkard's French Toast

Favorite film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite app: Endless Alphabet

Colin Brash Director of QA
Colin Tan Developer

Colin is a local rockstar. He was apart of a band that went on tour in Japan!

Favorite concert: Radiohead in St. Louis.

Favorite video game: GoldenEye 007 for N64

Favorite movie: Bottle Rocket 

Colin Turnbull Designer
Courtney Springer Designer
Danjin Sun Developer

If you ever find yourself in need of a square dance partner, Danny’s your man.

Favorite game: Rummikub

Favorite concert: Radiohead in Mansfield, MA, Summer 2003

Favorite book: Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman


Danny Rosenblatt Developer
Dave Chella Project Manager

David can sometimes be seen singing along to Party In The USA while driving

Favorite concert:One Direction

Favorite book:The Three Body Problem

Favorite animal: Toss up between Otters and Elephants

David Brooks Developer
David Rodriguez Fuentes Developer

David’s a master of change; he attended seven different schools between the 1st and 12th grades.

Hometown: Fuzhou, China

Toast order: Biscuits and Gravy

Favorite Band: Dream Theater

David Zou Developer
Dean Shi Developer
Dennis Bachman Project Manager
Devon Case QA Engineer
Drew McInnis Developer

Eddy likes liquid dancing and listening to some death metal– just not both at the same time

Favorite app: Hype Machine

Favorite restaurant: Burgatory

Favorite book: Rant by Chuck Palahniuk

Eddy Gann Designer

Eric is a collector of cheap, colorful Ray Ban knock-offs.

Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers

Favorite concert: Grizzly Bear at the Orpheum

Favorite person: Bill Murray

Guilty pleasure: Disco

Eric Peterson Developer
Evan Denerley Developer
Fidel Gomeztorres Executive Assitant
Gabi Silva Developer

Glen was the Undersea Prince in the Barnum & Bailey circus for a night.

Favorite concert: Going to JazzFest in New Orleans

Favorite app: Glympse

Favorite person: My wife, Susan. :)

Glen Daniels Director of Android

Glenn, 'Master of Much at Intrepid', including IT, counts San Francisco as his favorite city he's visited so far.

Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Least Favorite Technology: Shockwave Flash

Favorite Video Game: Rogue

Glenn R. Martin Developer

If you ever watched seasons 3 and 4 of The Office with the Portuguese subtitles, you were reading Guilherme’s translations.

Favorite app: Vine

Favorite hobby: Trying to reach the utopian 'article zero' on my Feedly

Hidden talent:I speak fluent emoji

Guilherme Schmitt Designer

It's unclear why he ever tried, but Guy can clap with one hand.

Favorite team: Boston College hockey

Favorite hobby: Recording and mixing music

Favorite film: Finding Nemo

Guy Dupont Developer

Although Harold was once a cameraman at Kansas City’s KCPT, he hasn’t owned a TV in 5 or more years.

Favorite movie: The Batman from 1989

Favorite book: Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke

Most prized possession: Plastic Man Comics from the 40s


Harold Sipe QA Engineer

Helen’s a jane of all trades, skilled at biking, hiking, yoga, acting.

Favorite concert: Interpol at House of Blues Boston

Favorite animal: Slow loris

Favorite bar: Lord Hobo

Helen Hood Developer

In-house romantic JR met his wife in Kindergarten.

Worst ever job: Busboy at Pewter Pot

Favorite team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite film: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

JR Surprenant VP of Delivery

Jackie has a knack for picture framing.

Favorite hobby: Skiing

Favorite book: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Favorite city: Madrid

Jackie Di Ianni Chief of Staff
Jackie Poster Developer
Jamaal Sedayao Developer
James Park Designer
Jenn Eng Developer

We heard Jeri’s planning a 3 week trip to backpack through Europe. Try to save room for us in your backpack!

Favorite app: the 'gram

Favorite bar: Lolita in Copley

Favorite city: Paris

Jeri Mingeli QA Engineer
Jillian Menoche PM
Jim Beals QA

Jim once jammed with world-famous cellist, Yo Yo Ma.

Favorite hobby: Music producing

First job: Paperboy

Favorite book: Kafka By The Shore by Haruki Murakami

Jim Forrest Creative Innovation Director
Joseph Jean-Jaques QA Engineer

Justin can sail pretty well, though he admits he’s a better first mate than a captain.

Favorite book:The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

Favorite game:The Legend of Dragoon on Playstation

Favorite animal:Human

Justin Fyles Mobile Product Strategist
Justine Kay Developer
Kat Kniceley Recruiting Intern

Kathy harbors dreams of being a rockstar, so you might catch her practicing guitar.

Friday Night Dinner Location: Korean food in Allston

Favorite Band: The Airborne Toxic Event

Favorite Person: Stephen Colbert

Kathy Chau Designer
Kelvin Long Developer
Kenton Guan Developer

One day, Kerry will be the proud owner of The War Rig from Mad Max: Fury Road. One day.

Favorite movie:Hunchback of Notre Dame

Favorite concert: Muse (just so many lasers)

Favorite animal:Anteater

Kerry McElhaney QA Engineer

Next time you hit up a Hard Rock Cafe, grab a glass for Kevin– he’s collecting glasses from every city that he’s visited.

Favorite hobby: Playing board/video games

Favorite bar: Backbar

Dream trip: Ireland

Kevin Monahan Developer

Rumor has it, Knar's second home is Saus.

Favorite city: Madrid

Favorite concert: Typhoon at Brighton Music Hall

Toast order: Good ol' original pancakes

Knar Bedian Marketing Coordinator

If you need a skiing buddy talk to Kyle. Though winter is his least favorite season, he can’t resist hitting the slopes as often as he can.

Favorite movie: The Mighty Ducks trilogy

Favorite concert: Zac Brown Band @ Fenway

Favorite city: Vang Vien, Laos

Favorite bar: The Junction

Kyle Grusmark Project Manager

Lalitha’s dream trip would include a stop at the Himalayas and a visit to the Egyptian pyramids. (Is there room for us in your suitcase, Lalitha?)

Favorite snack: Bhel puri

Favorite hobby: Singing

Favorite city: Zurich, Switzerland

Lalitha Ramprasad QA Engineer

Have you ever seen a person on a unicycle designing a mobile app? Neither have we. Maybe one day Lauren will show us how it’s done.

Favorite hobby: Oil painting

Favorite bar: DeLux Cafe

Favorite animal: Bernese Mountain dog

Lauren Armstrong Designer

Lauren lived in Florence, Italy for four months!

Favorite band The XX

Favorite food: Chicken pot pie

Favorite book: My Sister's Keeper

Lauren Powers HR Administrator
Lily Holland Project Manager

Lindsay’s family is from an island called Åland.

Favorite movie: The Royal Tenenbaums

Favorite hobby: Photography

Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Lindsay Meyer Designer

One day, Liz would like to learn how to play the theremin, which is perfect because that is the one instrument we are missing in the Intrepid band.

Favorite concert: The Kills at Paradise Rock Club

Favorite bar: chocolate bars

Favorite movie: My Neighbor Totoro

Liz Vanderkloot Developer
Lu Nathan Developer

If you need a good laugh, stop by Madison’s desk. We suspect she has an extra funny bone.

Favorite concert:Lana Del Rey at Red Rocks, CO

Favorite movie:Zoolander

Favorite person:Kristin Wiig

Madison Gillis Designer

Mae is our resident Dutch-speaking, baritone saxophone player.

Favorite book: Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo

Favorite concert: David Francey in a barn in NH

Most prized possession: Cheese slicer from Holland

Mae Deluca Controller
Malabika Das Developer
Marcel Quetant Facilities Manager
Margaret Morgan Developer

Had Mark not decided to study engineering, Mark would have gone to Art School.

Toast order: Waffle w/ bananas and a side of bacon

Favorite hobby: Anything that takes place outdoors

Favorite teams: Bruins/Patriots

Mark Daigneault Developer
Mark Fletcher Developer

Mark thoroughly enjoys the Wegmans brand boxed Mac ‘n’ Cheese, which costs $.33/box.

Local watering hole: Fuji

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight. The Joker makes that movie!

Favorite app: RunKeeper

Mark Kasdorf CEO

In her spare time, Martha likes to knit for a company called “Sh*t That I Knit.”

Favorite book: Anna Karenina

Favorite animal: Ocelot. Obviously.

Favorite restaurant: Ribelle in Brookline

Martha Carl Designer

Matt has been to over 50 Phish concerts.

Favorite hobby: Playing guitar

Favorite film: Back to the Future

Favorite app: Tweetbot

Matt Bridges CTO
Matthew Groves Developer
Maximilian Litteral Developer

マクシン は、日本研究を専攻しました  so if you want to know more about that just ask Maxine!

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite book: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Favorite city: Nagasaki, Japan


Maxine Rock Office Manager

Don’t get on Maya’s bad side, she’s a black belt in training!

Favorite concert: Avenged Sevenfold in Bangor. There were many pyrotechnics.

Favorite game: Settlers of Catan

Favorite restaurant: Sweet Cheeks BBQ

Maya Saxena Developer

Meghan beats the agents in solving the puzzles in Criminal Minds. Every time. 

Favorite bar: Sonsie

Favorite concert: Mumford & Sons in Hyde Park, London

Favorite game: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone Trivia Game

Meghan Doyle Resource Planning Coordinator

Michael was once an opera singer and pizza box maker extraordinaire. 

Favorite movie: Big Fish

Favorite animal: Direwolf

Favorite sports team: Ferrari. Yes, F1 is a sport!

Michael Abbate Designer
Min Bu Developer
Monica Gribouski Developer

Nareg (and his mom) were once featured on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Show.

Favorite movie: The Avengers 

Favorite animal: Ninja Lanternshark

Favorite video game: NFL Blitz

Nareg Khoshafian Developer

Pat plays many instruments, including drums, ukulele, bass, and the harmonica.

Favorite band: The Beatles, John Lennon is the best!

Favorite app: 1Password

Favorite movie: Wayne's World(Party time! Excellent!)

Patrick Butkiewicz Developer

Paul dreams of learning how to fly an airplane. One day, Paul. One day.

Hidden talent: Juggling

Favorite animal: Ring Tailed Lemur

Dream gift: A game of catch whenever I want

Paul Rolfe Developer

Hula Hoop contest? Challenge accepted. And we are confident Paula will do circles around you.

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite sports team: Boca Juniors Argentinian Soccer

Favorite hobby: Short story writing

Paula Basswerner Office Assistant

Did you see that? Me neither. Peter is so fast you won't see him coming..or going..or wait..

Dream trip: Geneva

Favorite book: The Martian

Favorite movie: Office Space

Peter Farlow Developer

Phil is our newest resident hockey nut, but he’s the only one who played semi-pro Super Smash Bros 64.

Favorite book: The Sun Also Rises

Favorite movie: Anchorman

Favorite City: Boston

Philip Corriveau Developer

Though not our only colorblind designer, Rads didn’t discover she was colorblind until 8th grade.

Favorite movie:The Dark Knight

Favorite bar:Barcelona

Favorite sports team:NY Giants

Radhika Koyawala Designer

Rob geeks out over air shows and jets. High performance jets make awesome noises.

Favorite movie: The Fifth Element

Favorite sports team: Springfield Isotopes

Hobbies: Biking, reading, and crossword puzzles. But not all at once.

Rob Boyle Developer

We wouldn’t be surprised if Russell forgot what a razor looks like. He hasn’t shaved since 2006.

Favorite movie: The Martian

Favorite restaurant: Friendly Toast

Favorite app: Spaceteam

Russell Wolf Developer
Ryan Griffin QA Engineer

You could say Ryan likes to be on the move: When you live in a sailboat, it’s hard not to be.

Favorite book: Accelerando by Charles Stross

Favorite city: Oslo, Norway

Favorite board game: Original Starcraft

Favorite movie: Primer

Ryan Meador Developer
Son Le Developer

Stephen loves cats, and he has two: both are one-eyed cats.

Hidden talent:Dirtsurfing

Favorite bar:The Cellar

Favorite sports team:Springfield Isotopes

Stephen Roger Product Strategist

If you’re ever planning a getaway, Stephen’s your man. He hopes to one day visit the moon. Maybe you guys could head there?

Favorite hobby: bouldering

Favorite restaurant: Yume Wo Katare

Favorite book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Stephen Wong Developer
Svetlana Desyatnik QA Engineer

If you’re ever in need of a killer 90’s R&B playlist, Tamara’s the one to ask.

Favorite band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite person: Grumpy Cat

Favorite movie: Wet Hot American Summer

Tamara Glass Project Manager

It makes sense that Tetyana’s favorite app is google maps because she enjoys traveling and getting lost along the way.

Favorite city: Washington, DC

Dream trip: Brazil

Favorite movie: Angel A

Tetyana Illyash QA Engineer
Tim Morrill Developer
Tom O'Malley Developer

Tong didn’t know how to ride a bicycle until he was sixteen.

Favorite city: Changchun in China

Favorite team: Boston Celtics

Worst job: Working at a sushi shop named Wasabi

Tong Yu Project Manager

Veronica doesn't know how to drive a car, but she does know how to make marshmallows from scratch. 

Favorite restaurant: Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal  

Most prized possesion: A cookbook with handwritten recipes from my family, friends, and former chefs.  

Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Veronica Keddy Recruiter

Vincent is the proud owner of an original Optimus Prime Transformer: mint condition.

Favorite hobby: Jamming on the guitar as my wife plays classical music.

Favorite movie: The Blues Brothers

Favorite concert: Smashing Pumpkings Universal Amphitheater the night they announced they were breaking up.

Vincent Toms Director of iOS

Given that her favorite season is summer, it’s no wonder Xiaochen dreams of visiting sunny Santorini.

Favorite movie:Home Alone

Favorite app:Yelp

Favorite Hobby:Puzzles

Xiaochen Huang Developer